13 Best Epilator for Face and Body 2022 Reviews

Are you looking for a hair removal machine? Then you need a facial epilator. And we’ll tell you, which is the best of all the models that exist in the market.

The face is one of the most sensitive areas of the body, since its skin is very delicate and is also constantly exposed to the view, the sun, makeup, among other things.

Best Epilator for Face and Body

That is why when buying any product for the face you should evaluate your choice very well and to help you now we will present you with the best facial epilators.

These products will allow you to take good care of your skin. It will help you eliminate unwanted body hair properly and without consequences, such as in the mustache area. You can keep skin smooth and without imperfections of that type easily.


Best epilator for face and how does it work?

The facial epilator is different than the epilator that used to care for the rest of the body. Generally, these products are much thinner to allow you to work in very delicate areas that require maximum precision, such as the mustache area and the eyebrows.

This type of accessories must be purchased separately. The models used for the body, in fact, have a power and a range of action not suitable for the face that could find a problem.

The facial epilators have very thin but efficient heads to properly remove unwanted hair from the eyebrows, upper lips, and even the chin. The best facial epilators allow you to remove any hair of any length.

best epilator for face

The pain that is felt is like that of the tweezers used by many women to depilate the face and remove excess hair. But it is certainly less than that of waxing.

Different types of Epilator


There are also models that can be used in the shower and wash with running water. They are designed for skin care in people who want to use this product in a shower, perhaps with a mirror attached to the wall.

IPL Technology

There are also pulsed light facial hair removers that, like body treatments, work with light skin and dark hair, without giving good results for people who have blond or white hair or very dark skin.

As with pulsed light models, epilators for the face obviously should not be used on tattoos (including tattooed lashes or permanent makeup), of any type and size, or on scars.

The comfort of these epilators is that they take up very little space and can be used at any time. There are models that work with the power supply and models that work with batteries.

Shaped for Specific Use

Depending on the shape of your eyebrows, some women prefer not to use these epilators to put them in order for fear of hurting themselves and ruining everything.

In fact, being very practical products with a smaller head, the facial epilators can be used both to remove the hair that sometimes grows between the two tips of the eyebrows and to reduce the area under the eyebrow arch.

The heads supplied with common epilators, designed for the face, are very comfortable in case of need of last minute.

Buying an epilator of this type you can have one more certainty. That of having a product designed specifically to work in very small and delicate areas.


There are also facial epilators that include, in addition to the head to remove hair. Ahead to exfoliate and clean the face of makeup residue and impurities from the skin.

They are very innovative products and appreciated by all women. They are easy to use and transport, which allows them to always have face to face, even during trips.

In the next video, you have a demonstration of how to use a depilatory machine for the face.

The best facial epilator for face in the market

Now at Bee Like Her, we have tested 50+ products through our audience. And we found 13 epilator which is top-notch and high quality regarding removing facial hairs.

Along with each of these products, you will see a detailed description of all its features. We will also make a list of the advantages and disadvantages that could cause if you own one.

Philips Lumea BRI949/00  – Experts Choice

Philips is the creator of the Lumea system that uses an innovative light-based technology called IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) as subtle pulsations on the hair root to inhibit its growth.

It has proven that applied regularly, unwanted hair disappears more permanently than any other system created. Including the best laser hair remover, while maintaining the smoothness of your skin. 

Clinical studies show a typical hair reduction after two treatments every two weeks. It should be repeated every four / six weeks to maintain the results.

The Philips model Lumea BRI949/00 is our first choice as the best epilator because it provides five IPL energy settings for different skin types, guaranteeing treatment effectiveness even on sensitive skin.


You can eliminate and prevent the reappearance of facial hair and in delicate areas of your body such as the bikini line and underarms. 

It works with the intermittent speed of 3.5 m/s and has a long life lamp with 100,000 flashes with an estimated minimum duration of 5 years, equivalent to 200 uses throughout the body.
Philips Lumea works effectively on naturally dark blond, brown and black hairs. This epilator has a skin color sensor to emit pulses based on the complexion of your skin. It is also a small, compact and lightweight device.

It is very easy to handle and perfectly sized to reach any part of your body.

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Braun Face 851 Face Epilator

braun851 best epilator for face

This product works as a facial cleanser and provides electric facial hair removal at the same time. Its compact design, easy to handle and move when necessary. It has a total of 10 micro openings that trap the beautiful fine face (up to 0.02mm).

His brush cleans the pores of the face without doing any damage, thanks that are very soft.

With these products, you will get a much better cleaning than you can give manually with exfoliating creams.

As an additional accessory, it comes with two brushes, one extra sensitive and another exfoliant. In addition to a pedestal where it stays on its own when it is not being used. Use an AA battery, which must be purchased separately. Works perfectly with rechargeable batteries.


  • Cleaner and facial hair removal product for women.
  • It has 10 micro openings that trap the beautiful fine of the face.
  • Your brush cleans the pores of the face without causing damage.
  • It also brings two products to clean the face, one extra sensitive and another exfoliant, in addition to a pedestal.


  • We have not found negative characteristics in this product.

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Remington iLight Ultra – Body and facial hair removal system


It’s not really that cheap, but it’s a great team. The same is a professional system of easy and quick body hair removal that with only three sessions, your hair will be permanently disappeared.

The head is large, which speeds up the use by the legs and arms, however, the size is still appropriate for the face.

The machine works with pulses of light energy that progressively weakens the root in the hair follicle until achieving a definitive reduction without needing other products or cream to depilate the face.

The use is comfortable and is very similar to the one implemented by professionals; as effective as laser hair removal. It is clinically approved and is that it was designed by an experienced dermatologist who carefully evaluated its function and quality.

The best thing is that the price is much cheaper than the expensive treatments in specialized hair removal centers. You will also use it in the comfort of your home.

The disadvantage that its head does not allow working on the eyebrows, however, the versatility of the equipment makes it one of the best female epilators.

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Braun Gillette Venus Silk-Expert IPL 5001 Intense Pulsed Light

braun sild expert best epilator for face and body

This Braun product provides laser facial hair removal (to be understood, although it is actually IPL) that removes all visible hair on the face. Its design is elegant and compact, in white and bronze. It also has a facial cleaning brush.

The great benefit of laser treatment is that it gradually eliminates the appearance of hair. It can obtain a permanent reduction in a period of approximately 3 months.

It can be used in other areas of the body besides the face, such as underarms, legs and intimate areas. The intelligent laser light has a sensor for skin, which thanks to its IPL technology adapts to skin tone.

You can use your system in soft, normal or extra soft mode. Being a laser system, you must be careful not to come in contact with the eyes.>


  • A combo of facial epilator with laser and cleaning brush for the face.
  • With the laser treatment, you will reduce the appearance of hair on the body.
  • It can be used on any part of the body. Taking care that it does not come in contact with the eyes.
  • You can use your system in soft, normal or extra soft mode. It adapts to skin tones.


  • We have not found negative qualities in this model of facial and body epilator.

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Braun Face 810 Facial Hair Remover

braun face 810 facial hair remover

This product has a facial hair removal system for women and a cleaning brush. Its system allows eliminating even the shortest hairs without difficulty. 

Its compact size makes it convenient to use and very easy to carry in any bag when you need it. Since it measures 15 x 5 x 22cm approximately and only weighs around 300 grams.
Use 2 AA batteries that are included in the purchase.

It is resistant to water, which greatly facilitates cleaning.
To use the cleaning brush, you only have to remove the upper part where the blades are and connect the brush to that base.

It is very easy to use, which makes it easier for you to keep your skin impeccable without receiving any kind of damage.

He makes 200 movements per second, his work is fast and efficient. The hair removal is so deep that it can last up to a month without appearing more hair.

While with the brush you can easily remove the remains of makeup and keep the complexion fresh and smooth.


  • Facial hair removal system.
  • Includes a very effective cleaning brush.
  • Use 2 AA batteries that are included in the purchase.
  • He makes 200 movements per second, his work is fast.


  • Some users indicate that it loses power with use.
  • It does not have an electric charger

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Braun Face 832 Facial Epilator

Braun-Face 832 best facial epilator

From the brand Braun again, this is a kit of facial epilator with 3 accessories and a travel case to store and move it comfortably.

It has a compact design, very easy to handle because it weighs less than 1 kg and is also elegant.

Thanks to its 10 micro openings they capture even the smallest body hair, providing a perfect finish. Its cleaning brush allows deep cleaning of all the pores of the face thanks to its micro-oscillation system.

With this product, you will achieve a professional result from the comfort of your home, without damaging your skin in any way.

Use a single AA battery, which is included in the purchase. Also included in the purchase is an exfoliating brush in addition to the normal cleaning brush.
Its power is weak, so it is functional but works slowly.


  • Hair removal kit that includes batteries, travel case, cleaning brush and exfoliating brush.
  • Use a single AA battery.
  • Thanks to its 10 micro openings they capture even the smallest hair.
  • It has a compact design and easy to handle.


  • Low power.

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Braun Silk-épil 9-961 Best Epilator for Face and Body

best epilator for face and body

The technological advances of Braun have ensured in its Silk-épil 5 model a much more efficient hair removal thanks to its Close-Grip technology that has 40 depilatory tweezers designed to close at a perfect angle and extract the hair closer to the skin, including the shorter hair (0.5 mm).

The Silk-épil 5 also has a double comfort system that includes high-frequency massage rollers to energetically stimulate your skin with micro pulsations before and after extracting the hair, and a cold glove that refreshes and prepares the skin for the process of hair removal, providing a sense of relief and calm after it.

It also incorporates a flexible head with 15 ° inclination in front and back to adapt better to the contour of your face and achieve maximum precision.

This epilator has SoftLift bristles that effectively lift the flattened hair to direct it towards the tweezers, thus gently removing the hair from the root, making the hair grow thinner until it disappears.

It has 2 speeds according to your need, for extra soft hair removal and for extra efficient hair removal.

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Silk’n Infinity


Another recommended model of the epilator is Silk’n Infinity that provides 50 thousand pulsations of light through pulsation and sliding methods, based on a combined energy system of light energy with acoustic effect, thanks to its Home Pulsed Light TM .

Silk’n Infinity has been designed to achieve effective removal of unwanted hair on the face and on any part of the body.

The pulsation method is used to treat each point in particular, one pulse at a time, and one must work with a higher energy configuration.

The sliding method is ultra-fast and can produce individual light pulsations at automatic intervals of up to 1.5 seconds, to eliminate unwanted hair by simply sliding the device over your skin, and work with a lower energy setting, ideal when we are in a hurry.

Unlike other devices, the lowest energy level (level 1) of Silk’n Infinity is suitable for people with naturally dark skin, and in the same way, you will not have to interrupt your hair removal treatment, even when you have been exposed to the sun or plan to do it shortly after, because Silk’n Infinity has been designed to cover all your needs, however, for added security it also incorporates a skin color sensor.

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Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women’s Epilator for Face and Body

Braun Silk-épil 9 9-579 Women's Epilator for Face

It is best for those who have abundant facial hair. It is a bigger, more complete kit with more functions.

Not only is it for the face, since it serves in other parts of the body with the same accuracy. It incorporates heads with which you can also massage and exfoliate the face or other areas.

The Braun Silkepil facial care is the most efficient eliminating the smallest hairs, even those that the common wax cannot reach. Also with it, you will save time so that with a single pass it will fulfill its function and the best thing is that it will be practically painless.

It’s safe! You can use it in the shower without problems, characteristics that few electric epilators have, but for every woman is good.

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What to look for before buying a Face Epilator?

What to keep in mind before buying a facial epilator?

As we mentioned before, all the products that should be in contact with the face are considered as very delicate choices. As they can irritate, stain or cut you and the skin of the face is constantly exposed to the eye.

To make an accurate decision, with a product that truly meets your expectations and take care of your face as you wish, you must take into consideration some of the elements that we will mention below.


Like any electrical device, power measures its effectiveness, strength or speed, so the higher it is, it can be counted as a more effective product.


You must have a system that accepts long-lasting or easy-to-get batteries for when you need to change them. 

In the case of using a battery, it is necessary to evaluate the type of battery. The amount to be used and if it works properly with those that are rechargeable.


It is recommended that it be of a compact size for convenience when storing and moving if required. However, a product with a very small nozzle can hinder or delay its work.

Additional accessories and functions

Some products come with additional accessories such as replaceable parts, cleaning brushes, epilator holders, among other things, which increases the value of the model compared to others.

On the other hand, you should also evaluate if (in case you want it to be), your system has additional functions such as facial cleansing.

Hair removal system

There are two types of systems used in these products, using blades, which in turn can be an electrical or manual operation, and on the other hand the system facial hair removal with laser.

Which is the most appropriate will depend exclusively on your tastes and needs.

Best Cheap and EFFICIENT Facial Epilators of 2019

When looking to buy a cheap facial epilator, we must ensure that even with an affordable price is one of the best and most efficient on the market.

Since with her we will rid our face of the unpleasant hair, and we want to make sure that the beauty treatment is as practical and less painful as possible.

Finishing Touch Flawless Facial Epilator

finishing touch epilator

It is the most sold of today, The reason? It is an innovative product that offers good results and has a low price that makes it irresistible.

If you have asked yourself how it works, it is one of the best advantages of the model. Because although it is a tiny machine, you will get rid of hair easily, painlessly, and precisely, since it incorporates light to detect even the smallest hairs.

One of the advantages is that portable, so much that you can carry it in your wallet. It also works with a battery which is quite durable.

The flawless facial epilator is the most appropriate for sensitive skin, does not cause allergies and does not irritate.

It works well on thick hair and equally, its use weakens the hair follicle making the future hair, come increasingly thin and clear.

It is recommended by women, has good opinions and reviews, is efficient and is one of the least expensive makes a great acquisition.

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Lavany Facial Epilator for women


This hair removal product with an electric system. It has a double circuit blade that effectively removes hair from the face without damaging the skin or causing any type of cut. This one can be used daily and leaves no residue.

The best thing about this epilator is, it’s portable and very easy to handle, as it measures just 30 x 120 mm. So, you can carry it with you in any handbag when you need it.

In addition, it is very easy to clean. Since only turning the head you can remove it to clean it separately and may come into contact with water.
Although it is mainly for use on facial hair, such as that which comes out in the area of the mustache or chin. It can also be used to cut hair from the armpits, legs and bikini.

Use only 1 AAA battery that must be purchased separately. It has a power of 1.2 w. As an additional accessory, bring your own cleaning brush included in the purchase.


  • It has a double circuit blade.
  • You can move it in any bag and thanks to it does not irritate. You can use it anywhere and at any time.
  • It is easy to clean thanks to its parts are removable and waterproof.
  • Its power is 1.2 w.


  • It is very small, so you should wash the mouthpiece during shaving if you have cut too much hair.

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Panasonic es2113pc – Facial hair remover

panasonic best facial hair epilator

It is best to outline the eyebrows. It has a thin head with which you will be ultraprecise getting the shape you like.

This one serves for the bozo and other sporadic hairs that sometimes come out. It also brings two leaflets that adapt according to the area of the face.
Also, it works for thick or rebellious hairs and apart from works gently. 

The device works with battery, is another portable model and its economic price makes it perfect for small budgets.

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Tweeze eRase e6 by Emjoi – Facial epilator


It is what you need to get rid of hairs on the chin or cheeks. Although it shouldn’t be near the eyes. Unlike the others, the head of this is a roll of six clamps that will hold even the smallest hairs to remove them by the roots.

The movement is fast but smooth. It is also safe since it has a function in which it stops if it is pressed hard against the dermis.

The machine leaves no marks and does not irritate. Works on delicate skins or even on mature skin. It works perfect, for some it causes a slight pull, but it is so fast operating that it’s worth it.

The purchase includes two AA batteries, the price is affordable and has left good experience among the buyers.

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How epilation works with the epilator

The first electric epilator came to the beauty market in 1986. Thanks to the breakthrough of technology and happiness for all, now they are not what they were before.

Forget those ancient stories that told the great pain that these machines produced, now, you barely notice a slight discomfort.

Epilator removes hair root by a roll having small pliers and that, as they move, are removing hair. It usually has two speeds depending on the thickness and amount of hair.

In addition, as in everything, you have different prices, although we assure you that the epilators that are cheaper and therefore more basic, usually work very well in the depilation of legs or in the armpits and Face.

And, the most expensive, as normal, they have different heads that you can exchange depending on the part of your body that you are going to shave. In fact, if you want to perform a facial hair removal with an epilator, there is also someone who takes it.

Hair removal tips with epilation machine

Below we give you a series of tips to make your skin look perfect after epilating with an electric epilator. Take note because they are important and will make your skin recover better.

  • Do not put yourself in the sun. You must wait at least 24 hours before putting yourself in the sun after shaving. Keep in mind that in each hair removal, whatever the method, the skin suffers a lot and is much more sensitive to external effects. So, if you are thinking of epilating to go to the beach or the pool, do it one day in advance!
  • Correct length is important to remove the hair perfectly. So that you can achieve perfect hair removal with an electric epilator. You have to take into account that the length of the hair must have at least three millimeters in length. This way it will not cut it but it will eliminate it at the root.

Areas to use the electric epilator

The good thing about the electric epilator is that, as we said, there are several heads that allow you to use them in basically each and every part of your body.

Of course, those that do not have replaceable heads can only be used on the legs, arms or wider areas. For example, you will not be able to do Brazilian depilation with the electric epilator if you do not have the necessary head.

In the case of removing the hair from upper lips, you need to have a specific type of epilator. The epilators we have enlisted on this list, every single of them can eliminate hairs from any place from your face.

Currently, there are others that are much smaller and allow you to also make eyebrows.

Does hair removal hurt with an electric epilator?

As we told you, the great technological advances in the matter have made that today the pain caused by the razor is less. Of course, you must not forget that the hair is removed at the root.

So, something is going to bother you. Even so, currently there are electric epilators that incorporate bands of cold gel to reduce pain or that allow you to wax while you shower and make the poke sensation less when the pore opens.

As for which is the best epilator on the market, opinions are diverse. Each person is different and each hair also so, what may be better for you may be worse for another person.

We recommend that if you are going to make the investment, do it well. Get an epilator that, without going too much of the price, has more than one head so that if at some point you want to perform a hair removal of the bikini area with an epilator, for example, you can do it.

Advantages of the epilator

We have been discussing it already but we highlight the main advantages of the epilators. First of all, it is clear, when plucking the hair from the roots the hair removal with electric epilator lasts a lot. And, secondly, we highlight the price.

If you consider what you save in creams, lasers or wax, in the long run, you save a lot. The razors are usually not entirely expensive and in a short time, you will have amortized. 

And, thirdly, we will highlight its simplicity of use and comfort. In a few minutes, you will have perfect skin and free of hair.

Disadvantages of the epilator

As with epilator, the possibility of cystic hair appearing is likely because the hair is removed by the roots but, in principle, if you exfoliate your skin well before starting you will not have any problem. 

Another problem is the sensitivity of the skin at the end, therefore, the use of a suitable cream or a natural oil will be essential for the skin to return to its normal state.