Does Epilator Hurt? – Tips for a Painless Epilator Experience

“Does epilator hurt?”, it the question we always asked by our audience. In this case, I want to share with you a proverb goes by, “You have to suffer from being beautiful,” as the saying goes. That’s what our great-grandmothers used to say at a time when there were only tweezers to pluck and get soft, silky legs. Do not worry, hair removal methods have evolved.
The arrival of the epilator without pain has changed the facts. With these hair removal machines, you do not have to spend any time to eliminate all your unsightly hairs. Its success is such that in a few years, electric epilating devices have become the stars of many homes.

Does epilator hurt? How to choose the right epilator?

Removing hair is painful if traditional methods are used. But how do you feel if you use electric epilators? Many brands have developed models with a pain reduction system to make their hair removal sessions a pleasure.
These epilators are equipped with an airflow mechanism or a cold application system to soothe the skin when the device passes through.

Find the most suitable functions for you

The use of electric epilators is also an essential factor of choice. There are ranges specially designed for the face, while others are intended for other parts of the body. You can find the best epilator reviews here.
You can also find in the market electric hair removers with a function to depilate the bikini area. This device is usually equipped with a reducing head to eliminate hairs in areas of difficult access. If you do not like waxing, choose a model with a shaving option.

Beware of tweezers

An electric epilator is equipped with an average of 8 to 40 clamps. If you are sensitive to pain, devices with less than ten clamps are especially suitable for sensitive areas such as the armpits or the bikini area

Is it possible to have a painless electric epilator?

Equipped with various accessories, the electric epilator is also a multifunctional device. Thanks to its exfoliating head, you can clean the skin thoroughly before waxing. The pain reduction system is one of the main advantages of epilators. Unlike other methods of hair removal, this device has a mechanism that soothes the skin before and during epilation.
Thanks to the airflow, the area to be treated is practically anesthetized. In this way, you will not feel tingling or other unpleasant sensations. Keep in mind that with an electric epilator, you can also benefit from smooth and soft skin for several days. You will see that the regrowth will only be visible after four weeks.
With this time, you can space the waxing sessions. The speed control system is also an advantage of electric epilators. This feature will give you the security of comfortable use. Nor does it run the risk of injuring or partially plucking hard-to-reach areas.

Use your epilator correctly to avoid pain

Although with a painless epilator, you can be sure that you do not feel anything, take some precautions to desensitize your skin by applying an ice cube. During epilation, be sure to hold the device upright and try to stretch the skin as it passes through it. Do not rush. It is better to apply the depilating treatment several times to optimize the results.
One tip: pass the epilator in the opposite direction to the hair. 
When you have finished plucking all hair, apply a moisturizer on the skin. This treatment soothes the skin while avoiding irritation. We recommend avoiding exposure to the sun of the waxed area during the days after the session. So from today, I can say that you not going to ask the question does epilator hurt or not.

Some Other Small Tricks

  1. Plan your hair removal
  2. You must shave after you have finished your period. The pain threshold is highest in the week after your period.
  3. Exfoliate One day before your hair removal, exfoliate your skin in the shower. It will remove dead skin and help the wax to remove the hair more smoothly the first time.
  4. Turn and cough.   A great trick you can put into practice: When the wax is about to be ripped off, it coughs. It sounds weird, but this distracts you from pain very effectively.
  5. If it’s the first time, you’re going to shave the bikini area, start with something simple, do not lean for the full Brazilian.
  6. Talk while shaving, A good beautician will work with you to make sure you are comfortable throughout the process. Do not be afraid to tell her that you are in pain or that you have little tolerance for pain. It is better to talk than to suffer in silence.
  7. Intense pain. After your hair removal session, you can take a pain pill if you feel very uncomfortable.
  8. Breathe Holding your breath can be tempting, but in reality, it is counterproductive. When we breathe, we reduce the pain, so inhale deeply.