How to Use Epilator – Epilating Tips

There are different types of hair removal depending on the area of ​​the body that we want to depilate, as well as according to the system used to remove hair. Epilator is one of the easiest way of depilate and for that you need to know how to use epilator.

The latest generation of this type of machines acheived the advantages of making hair removal a less painful job. In this article, we explain some tips on how to use an electric epilator and get a perfect finish.

Is Using Epilator a Challenge?

The female hair removal, for some women, comes to suppose a subject that most hate, although they have to keep resorting to it again and again to be able to have their legs, armpits and face. 

epilating tips

To do this, there are several very different techniques and that each person can do better or worse, and have their favorite according to the results they have obtained over time. However, the electric machine can be the lifesaver in many occasions, because it is considered a faster, practical and very easy to do yourself at home. Of course, for many girls, it can be very painful too.

It is true that there is a rumor that actually the epilator performs the same effect as the blade to cut the hair and not pull it as expected to do to get the perfect formula. But the truth is that the brands sell it as a way to remove the hair from the body root. Although, in general, everything depends on the model. Since if there are some that carry a series of rollers or tweezers that catch and start it; producing this effect that is really sought.

The Best Way to Use Epilator

Best to start well and all the hair root is that before you start waxing do a good scrub all over the body. And also especially the areas that will happen the machine to shave. It will be much easier to remove it.

First Step

In the first place, it should be noted that the hair must be of sufficient length to be able to use the electric epilator and that it can eliminate it; It is recommended that it be at least 3 mm. When the hairiness is still too short, the results may be unsatisfactory because they can not be pulled off.

Second Step

To get perfect hair removal, we recommend exfoliating the skin of the area to be waxed the previous day or during the previous hours. For this, you can use a horsehair glove or a specific product for exfoliation; In this way, you will help the hair come out better and easier to eliminate.

Third Step

Also, it is also good that just before shaving you take a bath with hot water, in order to open the pores and promote the removal of hair. It will be essential that you dry your skin well before starting hair removal with an electric epilator.

Fourth Step

For those people who experience intense pain with this technique. It is recommended to previously apply ice packs on the area to be removed. 

Some models of electric epilator already have a system of this type to reduce pain, but if yours does not have it, you can reduce the damage in this way.

Fifth Step

When using the electric epilator and start the hair removal. It should always be done in the opposite direction to the hair. We recommend that you tighten the skin with one hand and with the other hand pass the machine.

Sixth Step

After waxing, your skin is most likely irritated. So, you should use a cream or moisturizing lotion to soothe the dermis and return to its normal state.

In the same way, solar exposure should be avoided during the hours after using an epilator.

Final Step

Finally, after using the electric epilator it will be essential to clean and sanitize the machine . Disassemble the head and clean it as explained in the instructions for use, removing all hair before storing.

Advantages of Using the Epilator

Having several heads will make it possible to adapt it to areas of the skin that are more complicated to reach or that are more sensitive. 

Some have a light or sound that warns when the hair is long enough to extract it, so it will be good if it includes it. 

Finally, these devices now come with heads, that at the same time they are pulling the hair by the roots make the sensitivity to pain much less, an extra that is the best option if you are very sensitive to pain.

One of the first benefits that we can see clearly is the difference between a razor and a depilating machine; and it is exactly that, that one is used to shaving and the other to shave. 

The process that makes the razorblade is simply to remove the hair and cut it. But the root is still there and makes it grow back at its own pace. And also start to notice much faster, the effect of softness will be very short. Furthermore, you have to Take into account that you can make cuts without realizing it when using it frequently.


However, the hair removal machine removes hair from the roots. In some cases, up to four weeks and doing, with this, that the skin stays soft for much longer.

The areas of Face and armpits, which are considered the most sensitive, with the epilator would not be a problem when working with it.

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