Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for the Face?

The answer is yes. Facial hair has a solution and laser hair removal can become the best option, since its technology is more effective than that of other lasers. We tell you everything you need to know.

The laser hair removal on the face is a popular option for people with facial hairiness dense, which always arises doubt that if after waxing session might leave spots on the skin.
The first laser used was the Ruby Laser, which could only be used on very light skin due to the possibility of producing burns due to its low wavelength. New technological advances have produced other types of lasers, such as Alexandrite, Diode, and Neodymium-Yag, more efficient to remove hair in conditions of more excellent safety and efficiency.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe for the Face?

Facial hair consists of specific characteristics that allow laser hair removal for the facial area to be determined by different registers from the rest of the body.
The results of this type of hair removal are subject to particular aspects such as hair color, skin color, and hormonal activity. However, through the repetition of new sessions, the amount of hair removed makes the appearance of new hairless likely in a short time, which makes this technique the most durable form of hair removal.
This technique can be safely and effectively administered to the cheek, chin, upper lip, sideburns, and brow areas. Also, there are certain recommendations for starting laser sessions:

  • It is recommended that the skin is not tanned before each session, if possible, avoiding it for at least a month before.
  • It is not advisable to pluck the hair with wax or another method of hair removal (by plucking) before the session. The hair must be growing to achieve the removal of the follicles.
  • Hair removal with fine hair and light pigmentation should be avoided since light absorption is not as effective and may give rise to the paradoxical facial effect.


Areas of the face where the laser is not recommended

There are some parts of the face where it is not recommended, such as the eyebrows and the entire area around the eyes, the inside of the mucous membranes of the nose or ears.

Can stains come out from laser hair removal on the face?

laser hair removal can become the best option
Laser hair removal is a very safe method, and if the guidelines given in the aesthetic center are followed, there should be no problem, no blemishes or other skin problems.
Avoid sunbathing and use high factor protection cream for at least one month before the start of the sessions. Sun exposure is responsible for the possibility of staining after waxing.
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Care before and after the laser session

Before a facial laser hair removal treatment, and to prepare the skin for such treatment, professionals in aesthetic clinics recommend following the following guidelines:

  • Protect the skin from sun exposure for at least one month before the first session.
  • Avoid waxing,  since to promote the effectiveness of the laser, the hair must be in the growth phase.
  • Shaving the area to be treated four days before laser hair removal, to ensure that the hair is in the proper phase for its removal.
  • Communicate to the specialist any peculiar dermatological condition, as well as report the consumption of any medication and the state of pregnancy or lactation period.
  • Hydrating the area to be treated in the session will avoid unwanted irritations.

So that the results of the hair removal are as expected and that there are no complications, the specialists in laser hair removal offer several indications. They are as follows:

  • Combat possible subsequent irritation with the soothing cream that the professional prescribes.
  • Dodge sun exposure for at least two weeks after the session and use sunscreen for your face daily.
  • It is vital to respect the rest periods of at least four weeks between sessions. Lengthening or reducing breaks can lead to unwanted results.
  • Face care, avoiding heat, baths, and the use of boiling water.
  • Before any adverse reaction, it is essential to go to the specialist since laser hair removal has no side effects or hurts the skin.

As we have seen, laser hair removal on the face is a very safe and effective method for hair removal as long as the recommendations and indications of the aesthetic professionals who are going to apply it are followed.