13 Tips For Epilating for a Painless Experience! (2022)

Beauty routines are the most significant opportunity to see changes within yourself. If epilators are part of this beauty routine, they can make your skin much smoother and sexier. For people who are aware of the pain of waxing, epilators won’t be that much pain for them.

Epilators have the same function as waxing, and they pull the hairs out from the roots. But Epilators can be very painful to use for beginners, but knowing the correct use can make your life beautiful. This tips and tricks article will guide you to epilate successfully, even if this is your first time.

13 Easy and Secret Tips For Epilating for a Smooth Experience

Pick an excellent quality epilator

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choosing the right quality epilators is a must. Do not settle down for the cheap quality epilator, as this will be an investment for the future. Rather than settling down for the first model that came across your eyes, do some research, and get a branded one within your budget. As epilators are used for different areas, decide where you will be using it and what features you need.

Get optional accessories

as hair follicles will be hurt after epilating, exfoliation is the best option before epilation. Exfoliation also helps to remove the dead skin cells and the ingrown hairs that need to be removed. You can use a loofah for exfoliation, and if it is not available, then pick exfoliating gloves or scrub. Exfoliation can be done using home remedies like brown sugar added with the regular body wash.

Shave 1-3 days before you epilate

shaving makes epilating less painful. Shaving 2-3 days prior makes the hair smaller. It becomes easier and more comfortable to epilate the shorter hairs than the full-grown hair. Epilating smaller hairs will be time-consuming but is more comfortable for beginners as it will be less painful.

Exfoliation the day before is a must

Exfoliating correctly will prevent unwanted ingrown hairs. Exfoliation can be done using a loofah, gloves, or scrub. Circular motion is an accurate manner to exfoliate.

Choose between wet/dry epilation

It’s completely based on personal preference. Some people prefer wet epilation as they find it less painful and convenient to epilate during the shower. While others like dry epilation since dry skin and hair tend to be less sticky.

Pull and stretch the skin

this will reduce the discomfort while making it easier to pull out the extra hairs. Doing so will make the epilator less pass over the skin, which will cause less pain.

Avoid goosebump areas

Goosebumps make it harder for the epilator to touch the bare flat skin, which will lead the epilator to break the hair half rather than pull it from the root. It will lead those half-broken hair to grow faster.

Pain medication before 30 mins of epilating

To ease the pain of your first-time epilation, you can go for a sip of wine or any other painkiller for short-term numbing. To get the best result take the pain killer before 30mins of epilation. Despite that, taking a pain killer in every epilation is not recommended. If you are unable to bear the pain of epilation, then go for a different method of hair removal.

Epilator position

try to position the epilator with your skin perpendicularly. Make sure that the hairs come out right away.

Speed of the epilator

it is suggested for beginners to start off at a slower speed. Once you get used to it, you can adjust the speed as per your requirement.

Timing is everything

Knowing the correct time to epilate is a big catch. Usually, nighttime epilation is the perfect timing. This will give enough time to remove the redness and irritation caused by epilation. You will be more relaxed, any small bumps will be gone by the morning, and you’ll wake up with the sexiest, smoothest skin ever!

Epilate right after your period

Studies have found that women’s bodies are more tolerant to external pains in the 3 or 4 days right after the period. However, your body’s pain tolerance level might not be the same. If you have the same level of pain tolerance, you will find epilating less painful after your period. If you have a trackable or regular period, epilating after the period will be easier.

Avoid caffeine right before epilation

Any sort of caffeine stimulates the pain sensation. So, it is better to intake coffee or soda at least 6-10 hours before epilating, as caffeine takes about 6-10 hours to leave the system after having it. However, it’s different from person to person, but if it works the same way for you, wait until the caffeine exits your system.

Pampering after epilation

Once you are done epilating your skin perfectly go for a good moisturizer. Apply nourishing body lotion for smoothing skin and get set to wake up the following morning with super-soft, nourished skin. Home remedies like raw aloe vera work well for skin irritation caused by epilation. To avoid the hassle of using fresh aloe vera, you can look for a product that contains aloe vera to calm the irritation. If your skin is damp, wait until it dries out before applying the lotion.


It’s not very tough to handle epilators. If you follow the tips and tricks, you can easily handle them with less hassle and avoid irritations. If you are a beginner, epilate once a week, and each time you do, so you will notice the changes. With every passing time, the discomfort will drop, and the satisfaction level will increase. To get a hair-free area, it’s essential to epilate the same place every other day for the next 2 weeks. Eventually, you will do it less frequently. Just remember to follow the instructions before and after the epilation.